We offer a competitively priced custom ECU remapping of highest quality and we can tune everyday road vehicles, including vans, trucks, and high performance cars.

Our file providers Dynotune, EliteRemaps and Madness Motorsport have been tuning vehicles for over 20 years so rest assured you will receive a top quality remap. Custom ECU remapping means that the file is tailored to your requirements and to suit any modifications that your vehicle might have had. All the files come with a life time warranty.

We also provide DPF Removal service which combined with the ECU remap guarantees better performance of your car and at the same time makes it more fuel efficient.

We offer insurance on our remapping and a 14-day money back guarantee (term and conditions apply). We also offer, lifetime software warranty.

We have a passion for our work and enjoy serving you, the client, at the best we can. Below you will find useful information about the process of ECU remapping. 

GND Motors Remapping Tool Dimsport Genius
GND Motors Remapping Tool Dimsport Trasdata
GND Motors Remapping Tool Alientech KESS

Those are the professional tuning tools we use to remap your car. They are developed by Alientech and Dimsport which are two of the landmarks in the chiptuning sector and are the safest tuning tools available to do this job.


Most modern vehicles on the road today have an ECU. The ECU could be described as the vehicles brains as it contains a processor which gathers information from various sensors throughout the engine, which then analysis information such as engine temperature, accelerator pedal angle as well as many more different parts. Using this information acquired from these sensors it can then add the correct quantity of fuel, at just the right time to provide a healthy mix for fuel economy, performance and emission control when setting off, overtaking or speeding down the motorway.

If you looking for economy remap or power remap or mix of both we can help you as with the custom remaps we do your car will

Save up to 20% on fuel


Boost performance up to 40%

Our job is safe and here are the steps we follow:

1. We will back up your car ECU files system (maps).

2. We will send your car file to our file providers.

3. They will adjust your car maps according to your requirements ( stage1, 2, 3) and send it back to us.

4. We will write the file back into your car and you can take it for a test drive.

What we can do?

Economy tuning (diesel cars)

Blended tuning (diesel cars and turbo petrol)

Performance tuning (diesel cars and turbo petrol)

Super performance tuning (diesel cars and turbo petrol)

Petrol cars tuning (non turbo) - the improvements should be between 10-15% extra power

Diesel cars tuning - the improvements should be between 25-40% extra power

Petrol cars (turbo charged) the improvements should be between 25-35% extra power