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Everything You Need To Know About Straight Pipe Exhaust

24. July 2018

Custom exhaust systems are no doubt very popular among the car modification fans. Straight pipes are indeed one of the most common modifications performed on a car and we love doing this for our customers. Modifying an exhaust system is a very exciting project for us and we aim to deliver amazing results in terms of performance, looks of the pipes and noise of course.

A straight pipe exhaust is great for customers who are seeking high performance as it reduces the back pressure which can improve the top end performance of the engine and at the same time improve the fuel economy.

Before starting the job, we always discuss every single detail with the customer and choose together what pipes and end tips to use as well as what modifications exactly need to be done so the car is running at its best. There are a lot of option out there in terms of materials to use - some more costly, some quite affordable. We customise everything according to your needs and take care of all the details from the beginning to the moment you are leaving our premises with your modified beautiful car.

These systems help to reduce back pressure, thereby providing more power gains and better fuel economy to most of the cars. However, be careful when selecting the size of the pipe as it greatly affects the torque and horsepower. In addition, these pipe exhaust systems can be dressed and extended up with the help of chrome fittings to provide a great look as well.

5 Top Tips for Your Dyno Tuning Session

03.July 2018

We have found that many of our customers who come for a ECU remap of their cars are then looking to perfom a dyno test on the machine. This is indeed a very exciting time for all the tuning fans but do you need any preparation before your session?

We quite liked the advice of one of our inspirations - HP Academy: 

1. Turn up with a full tank of fuel

2. Make sure your engine is dyno-ready

3. Don’t bring a grenade to the dyno

4. Fix your oil leaks

5. Make sure your expectations are realistic

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